Immigration Medical


We are open 7-days a week (including most of public holidays) for immigration medicals. We are one of the panel doctors to provide full immigration medical services which includes Doctors Consultation, X-Ray, Urine Test and Blood Test PLEASE PRESENT YOUR PASSPORT ON ARRIVAL WHICH IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT TO PERFORM MEDICALS FOR IMMIGRATION. IF YOUR PASSPORT IS WITH THE IMMIGRATION/ AGENT/ LAWYER PLEASE CONTACT THEM AND GET YOUR PASSPORT FOR MEDICAL EXAMINATION If you got any previous Medical conditions please bring your Medical Reports when you come for immigration Medicals

Anyone wishing to permanently live and work/study in New Zealand needs to pass an immigration medical. An application form is provided by the Immigration Department which is downloadable from their website. The form contains a lot of questions about your medical history and your present health. You need to be seen and examined by an approved doctor and blood and urine will be collected from you for testing. You are also required to have a chest X-Ray. When the form is completed and signed by an approved doctor and you have results from the different tests, this information is sent to the Immigration Department. They will let you know if you are medically eligible to live and work in New Zealand. We are specialised in immigration medicals!!!