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St Lukes Medical Centre (formerly Radius Medical St Lukes) welcomes new patients and extends an especially warm welcome to those new to New Zealand.

We are a General Practice consisting of 1 female and 1 male GPs with a variety of specialisations.

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Welcome Dr Mahlaqa Husain


General Practitioner. Her interests are in general practice include women's health, paediatric medicine and preventative medicine. She is fluent in Bengali,Urdu,Hindi & English.







Niyati Bhatt [B.H.Sc (Physiotherapy); M.N.Z.P]

Niyati has worked for Oamaru Hospital, Waitaki DHB as an Out patient Physiotherapist and since then found passion for musculoskeletal and sports injuries. She has a hands-on approach and focuses on manual therapy with exercise based interventions. She is down to earth, approachable and speaks fluent English, Gujarati and Hindi. Outside of work she enjoys playing sports, mainly badminton and hockey. 




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 After hours care please visit White Cross Accident & Medical Care (52 St Lukes Road – Ph: 09 8153111) or Auckland Hospital or please call Healthline on 0800611116. All calls will be answeed by a trained health professional who can makearrangements for appropriateconsultation and treatment.

 Yes..!!!! We Open Six days a Week to extend Care to our Patients

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Mole Mapping Testimonials 


I honestly believe that Doctor Ahmed has saved my life.

So far, he has discovered one melanoma, three atypicals and one basal cell cancer. I would never have picked up on the melanoma as it looked the same to me as all my other moles. I am extremely grateful that I am still alive and make sure I come in every 3 months for regular checking.  The checking equipment used is far superior to any equipment I have experienced in the past and the mole map itself is very fast and efficient.  The removal of any suspicious moles is always done as soon as possible which helps to alleviate any worries that I have.

I recommend Dr Ahmed without hesitation.

Shelly F


I writing to express my gratitude to you, as I am still able to do so because of you. I'm alive due to your professionalism and timely intervention in arranging my immediate admittance to hospital. I am sure you are my Guardian Angel. I and my family are so grateful for your extra care and effort that makes it possible for me to live on, otherwise I would be gone from this world by now. Again I and my family thank you for the work that you have done for me and all your patients.  We wish you only the best in your work may God also bless you and your family too.

With Warmest Regards

Aigauputasi Richard Chien Chun Huang
Honorary Consul for the Government of Samoa in China


Richard Huang


As a result of a GrabOne special offer, I took a mole map at the St. Lukes Medical Centre in November 2011. On completion of the molemap, Dr. Bashir Ahmed observed that a mole on my left leg looked suspicious and should be checked further, so he removed that mole and did histology. Within 2 days he had the results: It was an invasive melanoma.

So as per protocol I needed another big surgery which was also done with in 2 days. I am glad that I took up the molemap offer at St lukes medical center. I recommand every New Zealand Adult should do Mole Check regularly.

Noleen F.



Purchasing a Mole Mapping Voucher for St Lukes Medical Centre ensured I promptly had a full mole check and I am so very thankful I did. Dr Bashir removed three suspicious naevi, one of which was a melanoma in situ that required further surgery. I never considered melanoma something to necessarily be concerned about at my age, I work in a medical/hospital environment and assumed these skin changes occured much later in life.

I urge everybody living in New Zealand to have a full mole map sooner rather than later, visit Dr Bashir and his team at St Lukes Medical Centre for an expert examination.

Treve D.



I recently returned from an extended trip overseas and was concerned about a non healing wound where a mole had been. I wanted expert opinion immediately, it was Saturday and every place I contacted was closed. I found Dr Bashir Ahmed’s clinic online and he was able to see me that day.

Dr Bashir removed the area of concern and within 2 days the biopsy confirmed is was mixed superficial and nodular basal cell carcinoma. Of interest to note is that I first became concerned about this area 5 years ago, it was a mole that started bleeding. I saw a GP and was told it was fine and not to be concerned. Then just a week before seeing Dr Basher I saw another GP and was told it was probably just an infection and was given a course of antibiotics even though I asked the GP if she thought t might be skin cancer.

I highly recommend Dr Bashir Ahmed he specialises is early detection and removal of skin cancers and has dedicated himself to this specialist area. He uses a mole map technology to monitor any potential threats. I also find Dr Bashir Ahmed friendly and informative and he explained every step of the procedure. I since had another small area of concern removed by Dr Bashir, I was waiting for the procedure to start and I felt him place he plaster over the excised area, I didn’t feel the procedure at all!

Tim G

Tim G


I recently was made aware of Mole Mapping technology as a means of identifying and assessing the need for treatment of moles and UV induced skin damage and for future tracking and comparative assessment. My local GP and, as it turns out, skin specialist, Dr Bashir Ahmed (St Lukes Medical Centre) was the specialist service provider. By way of background much of my current skin damage may have occurred up to 25 years ago. The Mole Mapping service was mentioned to me quite by chance during a recent routine visit and we scheduled an appointment a month later.

The Mole Mapping procedure was very efficient and thorough and clearly identified several suspect areas. Dr Bashir recommended the five worst sites be incised and sent for biopsy. This work was done over the next four days, Dr Bashir having fitted me in to that timeframe to accommodate my travel offshore thus indicating to me the importance of having the sites removed and tested. Of the five biopsies three were subsequently identified at the laboratory as melanomas and each site was re-incised to ensure a 5mm margin existed around the melanoma.

I would like to attest to Dr Bashir’s professionalism, expertise and friendly manner in identifying these sites, the prompt manner in which he scheduled me in for immediate treatment (both for the initial incision and subsequent re-incisions),and his clear , concise and patient explanation of all steps in the process.

The bottom line is I had 3 out of 5 test samples identified as melanomas and these were removed early enough not to have been too deeply rooted. For this I am extremely grateful for being made aware of this service and Dr Bashir’s undoubted expertise in this field. I would highly recommend similar mole mapping to others with any skin damage or the like.

John G

John G


I have lived in the St Lukes area for the past twenty years and thus have also been a patient of the St Lukes Medical Centre for a long time. Up until Dr Bashir became my GP [ a year ago] I have always had regular mole checks done at a private skin clinic in Remurea. Dr Bashir noticed this when reading my case history and suggested that as he had an interest in this area would I consider getting him to do my next mole map - I duly agreed. He noted an area on my forehead that had been treated with liquid nitrogen a couple of times previously by the skin clinic. Dr Bashir was concerned that it is not a superficial cancer looks deeper and then he decided to do excession biopsy. The result came back as an invasive basal cell carcinoma.

Dr Bashir did further two minor surgeries later it is now clear - Dr Bashir is highly skilled in minor surgery. Now you connot see any Scar on my forehead at all... Now I prefer Dr Bashir to do my mole mapping - if he had not become my GP I would no doubt still have an invasive basal cell carcinoma being treated with liquid nitrogen and would have had to endure major surgery for its removal at some later stage.

Gabrielle B


 It was quite a surprise when at my recent appointment to see Dr Bashir that I realised just how long he had been caring for my health---Over these past twelve years I have been cared for in such a wonderful manner that my family and friends are enthusiastically impressed at how well he displays such a high professional practice ethic to treat my varied ailments---When I go to see him I know that my area of concern will be treated and then in his inimitable manner will display his own concern through his great power of observation---I gone to see him for a Mole map then he quietly decided that I should go to Hospital for a heart check and of course he was right. I had my Bypass surgery and I am doing well now---I am extremely grateful to him that he demonstrates such a high standard of practice as I know my advancing years are giving him a type of Medical refresher course every visit I make---Of course I am lucky to  have such a dedicated Doctor and I can only recommend that Patients see him and follow his advice to follow the full course of Healing---To him and all his staff I say – Thank you.

Malcolm E


A friend of mine suggested to me that I visit Dr Bashir Ahmed at St Lukes medical Centre it turned out to be good advice. Doctor Bashir performed a mole map procedure on my body and picked out 10 cancerous moles and he made an appointment that evening to do the surgery. Usually other doctors would fit you in after 2 weeks consultation during the operation he explained in great detail what he was doing. Out of 10 surgery 9 of them was cancer and was completely removed in one go.

I never felt any pain during the operation due to my fair skin I have seen many dermatologists for over 30 years Doctor Bashir is certainly the most thorough I have come across I cant praise him enough for the skillful way he went about the long operation, also his manner is easy going and very friendly and you can tell by his demeanor that he is a very dedicated doctor. I certainly will now be making regular visits to his clinic.

Joseph Solway


We can’t speak highly enough of the service and results we have had and treatment we have received from Dr Bashir after purchasing the discount Mole mapping treatment.  After  quite a number of spots removed and sent off for analysis a couple had come back as Carcinoma and in one case a spot that had been noted by regular GP as nothing to worry about and was treated with liquid nitrogen was in fact an aggressive cancer and if left unattended would have lead to much more invasive surgery.

We have been recommending Dr Bashir and his services to many people and a number from work have purchased the voucher and made appointments after being concerned about non treatment they have received from their regular GP and so called Specialists.   As a result of his genuine interest in us as patients we have transferred from our regular GP to have him handle all our medical needs as we feel he is  really wanting the best for us as patients and he has a great sense of humour.

Thank you Dr Bashir,we think you are a great asset to our city.

Ken & Sybil W



I recently went for a Mole Map scan with Dr Bashir Ahmed at St Luke’s Medical Centre and within that process four Cancerous tumours where detected and removed. These tumours had been missed in previous examinations by other doctors. So I am most grateful to Dr Bashir Ahmed for his expertise in identifying them and the surgical process of removing them has been carried out with excellent skill and care.

I would recommend anyone if you have any doubts at all about moles on your body to get Dr Bashir. Ahmed to check them for you.

Ashley Tait,Remuera



I went back for a mole map today. Dr Bashir has the leading technology for recording images of all the suspicious moles on my body and can reference them each time I visit to see the change in them if any. He is warm and kind and very noninvasive. He removed a mole on my face 3 years ago and did an incredible job as he is also trained in cosmetic surgery so you can not tell it was ever there. I decided to join the practice today as my experience was so good and I decided it was an ideal opportunity to see a female doctor. I had an equally good experience with Dr Mahlaqa. She was warm, thorough and gentle. It was almost like I had a very kind Aunty looking after and out for me. I am so pleased with my experience I am writing this review and I never write them. Yes it was a busy and full practice, there are people there as they get quality service from kind and thorough doctors. We all feel impatient until it is our turn and of course we want thorough and comprehensive service, but that takes time and has a domino effect and they really are doing their best. As an employer it is difficult to find good staff and very unfortunate that the previous receptionist has had such an impact on reviews of this business. They really are a wonderful practice and I feel confident in having them look after my health.


Source: Google Review  by ‘A peach tree




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